Preparing marketing plans doesn’t have to be difficult. In a recent issue of Law Practice Today, Pat Yevics with the Maryland Bar Association has an article on writing your own marketing plan where she gives some excellent tips on putting your plan together. Her tips include:
* set specific goals, such as “I am going to take one referral source to lunch every two weeks,”
* plan can be as simple as a marketing to-do list that you have with you or in front of you at all times or it can be a document that is the result of working with a consultant,
* regardless of how it is written or who is involved in the process, the plan must be easy to follow and monitor,
* plan must be fluid and reviewed continuously, and
* you need to monitor your tasks on a regular bas
She also lists a series of questions you may want to ask yourself to help set the direction your plan should go to be more effective.
If you would like to use a fill-in-the-blank type marketing plan from one of my earlier posts to put some of Pat’s suggestions to work, click Download file.