It does seem sometimes that law firms view marketing coaching as only for the uninitiated, specifically junior lawyers and those who haven’t been successful marketers in the past. A Harvard Business Review article on “executive coaching” indicates:

� coaching was once viewed by many as a tool to help correct underperformance, today it is becoming much more widely used in supporting top producers.

Thanks to Ed Poll for his post that confirms that the same is true for lawyers. As he says “[m]ore lawyers are coming to the ‘coaching table,’ realizing that something is missing in their practice.”
I was chatting with a lawyer in a large firm the other day who has his own blog, is very active at marketing (his marketing department holds him out as an example of what others should be doing), and he has a list (which he shared on a confidential basis) of over three dozen activities he undertakes on an ongoing basis. AND, he wanted to chat about what else he should be doing to enhance his practice.