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Lawyers Need To Be Their Own CMO

Posted in Marketing Plans

As a former law firm chief marketing officer, I was reading with only general interest an article by Richard Gary that appeared in LawFirmInc.com suggesting 10 questions that law firm CMOs should be prepared to answer. Gary is a former managing partner of an AmLaw 100 law firm. It got me thinking. Since many law… Continue Reading

Client Intake Forms – Part II

Posted in Marketing Plans

As I have mentioned before, it is smart legal marketing to utilize a client intake form so you will know who refers work, as well as determine where and how your client matters come to your law firm. By periodically reviewing these forms, you will get a better picture as to where your strengths are, and… Continue Reading

University Launches Legal Marketing Course

Posted in Marketing Plans

The University of Miami’s Office of Professional Advancement within the Division of Continuing and International Education has officially launched the "Marketing Program for Lawyers: Developing and Maintaining Client Relationships."  In the interest of full disclosure, yours truly will be the lead instructor for the program, and I am very proud that the University has asked… Continue Reading

Strategic Planning: An Easier Way

Posted in Marketing Plans

When I first talk with law firms, I often hear that the firm has a strategic marketing plan, it just isn’t written down. Rather it’s in the head of the managing partner, or president, or chairman, or whomever. In my humble opinion there really isn’t a meaningful plan, if the partners….and associates and, yes, even… Continue Reading

Plan Your Marketing First, Then Implement

Posted in Marketing Plans

It seems simple enough, but lawyers who do not understand legal marketing want the quick fix. At times it appears that it is just one more thing on their “to do” list they want to get checked off. Failure lurks in that approach. Case in point: I received an inquiry as to my services, but… Continue Reading

Get Ready for January

Posted in Marketing Plans

With year end pressures and the traditional holidays approaching, it is easy for clients, as well as law firms and other businesses, to put off any new initiatives until next year. I heard somewhere that lawyers are hired more in January and February than any other month of the year. Having no clue as to… Continue Reading

Are You Chasing Your Dream Yet?

Posted in Marketing Plans

As I have mentioned before, many lawyers do not like the work they do nor the clients they do it for. I know, some will now be convinced that I have beaten this horse to death (here, here, and here). But stay with me a minute. What I haven’t addressed is the how or what… Continue Reading

Marketing Training Survey

Posted in Marketing Plans

My friend Larry Bodine reported on a survey of law firms relating to the attitude for and actual marketing training of associates that he and Michael Cummings conducted. Although firms say that it is increasingly important that associates development legal marketing skills, 57% of survey respondents do not provide such training. It was only a… Continue Reading

Starting a Solo Practice? Don’t Wing It

Posted in Marketing Plans

Small Firm Business posts an article written by Susan Cartier-Liebel for The Connecticut Law Tribune that warns solos against winging it as they begin their practice. She lists some things you would need to consider as if you were a small business owner, which of course you are. Her suggestions go beyond marketing (For more… Continue Reading

What Does Your Perfect Client Look Like?

Posted in Marketing Plans

Your “perfect client” should fit a description of one you enjoy helping resolve their legal problems (whether business or personal in nature), and the solution requires utilizing legal skills that you enjoy doing. I have mentioned in several posts (here , here and here) the fact that unfortunately too many lawyers do not enjoy the… Continue Reading

Law Firm Strategic Planning: What’s That?

Posted in Marketing Plans

Gerry Riskin reports on Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices blog the results of a survey conducted by his firm, Edge International, shows that 38% of law firms fail to plan strategically. I am not sure that I would agree that 60% of firms do plan (I’m not questioning the survey results, only what the responses from… Continue Reading

Plan For The Clients You Want

Posted in Marketing Plans

I have mentioned before (here and here) on the fact that too many lawyers do not like the work they do and the clients they do the work for. Not to beat the proverbial dead horse, lawyers and firms need to get serious about marketing the work they prefer doing for the clients they would… Continue Reading

Personal Coaching Isn’t Just For Rookies

Posted in Marketing Plans

It does seem sometimes that law firms view marketing coaching as only for the uninitiated, specifically junior lawyers and those who haven’t been successful marketers in the past. A Harvard Business Review article on “executive coaching” indicates: coaching was once viewed by many as a tool to help correct underperformance, today it is becoming… Continue Reading

Plug for Legal MarketingBlog.com

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

I missed Ed Poll‘s post back in early April about “Marketing More Effectively” where he said “For those interested in more effective marketing, consider Tom Kane and his comments,” which obviously I found flattering. Ed went on to say “Then, when you want to put his thoughts into a plan, consider our workbook.” HOWEVER, I… Continue Reading

Don’t Market Like a Monkey

Posted in Marketing Plans

My good friend John Jantsch (actually he doesn’t know me from Adam, I just like his stuff) at Duct Tape Marketing advises marketers to Stop the Monkey Marketing which he explains comes from the Zen Buddist term Monkey Mind. That is, the untrained mind is not capable of focusing on only one thing, rather it… Continue Reading