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Is Widespread Use of Alternative Fees Still a Long Way Off?

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

According to a feature article in this month’s InsideCounsel one consultant who helps clients structure alternative fee arrangements "estimates that only about 2% of total legal billings currently are being done on alternative basis – but he contends it’s an increasing trend." That certainly isn’t a surprise. He goes on to say "I’d expect that… Continue Reading

Warren Buffett’s (and Wayne Gretzky’s) Advice Applies To Law Firm Marketing

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

While some may be in denial, Warren Buffett writes in an Op-Ed piece in The New York Times (free registration required) that the “financial world is a mess”… but that he is now “buying American stocks.” He’s talking about his personal account (not his Bershire Hathaway holdings) which traditionally has been entirely in U.S. Government bonds…. Continue Reading

Strategic Marketing or Just Common Sense During a Recession?

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

Ran across an interesting article by Glenn Ebersole that appears on EzineArticles.com that talks about the need for a strategic action plan during a recession. Strategic planning is always a good idea, but sometimes we consultants can overcomplicate a process when a common sense approach is all we’re talking about. Although I may not precisely agree… Continue Reading

How is Your Marketing Plan Coming Along?

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

Be honest. Do you have a written marketing plan? Well, join the other 95% of lawyers who don’t – at least that is the percentage of business people that don’t have one according to Drew McLellan over at Small Business Branding. And I agree. Further, I concur with Drew that a “To Do List” doesn’t count. His excellent… Continue Reading

Marketing for Law Firms – Budgeting

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

This is the  second installment of my responses to questions by freelance writer John Egan for an article to be published in CPAmerica International’s newsletter addressing “marketing for law firms.” Last time I dealt with suggestions and common mistakes. The next question dealt with budgeting for marketing; to wit: 3.      “Is there a rule of… Continue Reading

More on the Branding “Word”

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

As a follow up to my last post about “branding,” I wanted to mention a conversation that Valeria Maltoni at Conversation Agent had with Gerry Lantz, a very successful marketing, advertising and communications executive (and now consultant). In this conversation about branding, Lantz tells a couple of stories about how two expensive branding campaigns failed.  One… Continue Reading

Ask Your Clients for One Word

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

If your clients were to describe you (your brand) in one word, what would it be? Well, ask them. That is what John Jantsch recommends in his current e-newsletter (free subscription available here). And he suggests a simple question: “What’s the ONE word you would use that best describes what we do well?” Could the word be:… Continue Reading

Narrow Your Niche for More Effective Marketing

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

The more you distinguish yourself or your firm from others, the more effective your law firm marketing efforts will become. Too many firms still sell themselves as generalists, especially smaller firms, or at least capable of handling a wide range of legal matters. Unfortunately, that only continues the problem potential clients have in differentiating one… Continue Reading

Form Industry-based Practice Groups

Posted in Marketing Plans, Marketing Tips

As the New Year approaches, it’s time to give some more thought to the legal marketing benefits of practice groups. But, I am not talking about forming groups based on areas of law that we learned in law school. Rather, your practice groups should be client-focused; i.e., structured in terms of the needs of specific… Continue Reading

Marketing Succession Planning is Vital Too

Posted in Marketing Plans

With the baby boomers coming of (retirement) age, law firms need to seriously start planning for the future. Not only in terms of firm management, but legal marketing as well. Even though lawyer marketing has been openly discussed and actually implemented in some firms for more than twenty years, business development is still primarily accomplished… Continue Reading