The more you distinguish yourself or your firm from others, the more effective your law firm marketing efforts will become. Too many firms still sell themselves as generalists, especially smaller firms, or at least capable of handling a wide range of legal matters. Unfortunately, that only continues the problem potential clients have in differentiating one firm from another.

Niche marketing is not a new topic for this blog (as you can see from earlier posts listed below). What got me thinking about the topic again is an article I read by Paramjit Mahli of Sun Communications Group entitled “Know Your Niche” that appeared in the New Jersey Law Journal this month.

Not only does she identify reasons to narrow your niche so you stand out in a particular field or practice, but Paramjit points out that your legal marketing dollars will be better spent. The more you know about the potential clients in a niche market, the better you can direct your lawyers’ business development activities. There just isn’t the time or dollars available to accomplish this in the broad marketplace for an individual lawyer or small firm.

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