Gerry Riskin reports on Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices blog the results of a survey conducted by his firm, Edge International, shows that 38% of law firms fail to plan strategically.
I am not sure that I would agree that 60% of firms do plan (I’m not questioning the survey results, only what the responses from many firms really mean) on where they are going or where their future business will come from. In my experience and among many of my colleagues with whom I have spoken (not a very scientific survey approach I grant you), it ain’t happening. If there is a plan, it isn’t very strategic, and missing much of the specifics as to what is truly planned.
However, taking Gerry’s survey results as gospel, it does point out that too many aren’t doing strategic – never mind marketing planning – and that does not bode well for firms of any size. I like Gerry’s analogy to shifting sands and to ships off course. We know what happens in those situations. Law firms are not immune to the same results. So, give some serious thought to developing a written, detailed plan to ensure your firm is on the right course.