With year end pressures and the traditional holidays approaching, it is easy for clients, as well as law firms and other businesses, to put off any new initiatives until next year. I heard somewhere that lawyers are hired more in January and February than any other month of the year. Having no clue as to whether such is true, I got to thinking about it, and realized it may have something to do with New Year’s resolutions, whether business-related or personal in nature.
While talking with my friend Kevin O’Keefe, the lawyer blog guru of LexBlog, Inc. fame, about an idea I had for my blog (he created it after all), I asked him whether he thought that more lawyers are hired in the first months of the year. He said “absolutely” and in fact when he was practicing law, his firm allocated its total annual advertising budget to January and February for that reason. Interesting!
If that is the case, it is best to get your legal marketing strategy ready now? Decide what clients or prospective clients you want to direct your legal marketing efforts toward, what activities are likely to be most successful for your firm, and start planning for January now.
I know…I know. I can hear the “forget it’s” from here. It is year-end after all, and I’ve been around the business long enough to know that marketing is probably the last thing on the minds of lawyers this time of year. But…what if you are one that does cut out some time to get ahead of the competition and actually plan for early 2006 now? Just might give you an advantage, don’t you think?