What I especially like about Seth Godin is his pithy posts which plant plenty of powerful (p)ideas in my pons (part of brainstem). Okay, I didn’t do that well on that one, but heck it’s only Tuesday. The point is that his recent brief post about “The Buddy System” got me thinking about a modified coaching program.

He suggests that you get another person to write your business plan or resume for you. Not a close friend but a “friend of a friend” who will listen to your story, ask questions and then write up what they hear you saying you want (1) to accomplish and (2) convey about yourself in your marketplace. Preferably that person will have the similar need and you can reciprocate. He calls the friend a “document-buddy.” I might call them a “reciprocal coach.”

A good business coach helps prepare your plan, your bio, action ideas, etc. In addition, he or she will kick you in the butt (errr, nag you in a friendly way) to get you out there implementing the ideas you have agreed upon. However, Godin’s system may just help young lawyers who aren’t in a position to hire their own coach. The buddy system could be considered an affordable coaching arrangement whereby two lawyers could assist each other – at least in the document preparation stage – if not in the nagging role as well.

It’s an idea worth considering. 

  • Tom,
    I am delighted that you mentioned this very powerful idea. I suggest it to lawyers at all levels all the time. For example two very experienced lawyers get together for coffee every Monday morning to kick–rather psyche each other up for doing business development. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that these conversations have not just inspired individual work but “cross selling!” I agree with you, it is an idea worth considering and implementing today.

  • Aly

    Hi, interesting post. It is likely what you suggest may help not only young lawyers but those of more senior grades. Whilst some lawyers may feel that they aren’t in a position to hire their own coach it truly is a worthwhile investment. I used have used the services of a coach to help deal with challenges and found their services to be a sound investment. Though must depends on the quality of the coach and I do believe working with one who understand the legal profession is very important too.
    Kind Regards, Aly