If your clients were to describe you (your brand) in one word, what would it be? Well, ask them. That is what John Jantsch recommends in his current e-newsletter (free subscription available here). And he suggests a simple question:

“What’s the ONE word you would use that best describes what we do well?”

Could the word be: results, caring, fast, responsive, smart, effective, good communications (okay, okay, that’s two, but you get the idea), or might it be dependable, expensive, inexpensive, fair, quality, etc.? Then ask your clients to expand on what they mean by the “word.” 

After you have done this exercise with at least your top clients, consolidate the messages as much as possible to the point of reaching the most common elements among the information gathered. This pretty much will describe your brand (or unfortunately brands, if disparate groups within the firm are sending different messages).

Finally, ensure that every person in the firm (staff and lawyers) understands the “brand” you wish to project beyond the mahogany walls, and encourage them to live and breathe it to all those they encounter every day.

So, what word describes your firm?