Over the years, ABA surveys have indicate that legal fees only get ranked between number 5 to 7 on the lists of top concerns by clients. This fact often escapes lawyers because clients DO COMPLAIN about the cost of legal services. However, when one looks deeper, often what one uncovers is that clients are really complaining about the services provided, the lack of attention to their matter, the failure to communicate adequately, unpleasant surprises, overworking a file, and the likes. Basically, clients are complaining about the service and value received.
Copywriter and direct marketer Bob Bly at Bly.com blog took issue with a statement by the author of a new book when he said “All things being equal, customers will buy on price.” Bob particularly challenged the phrase “all things being equal,” since things are rarely that simple. I completely agree, not just because it is impossible to place legal services on equal footing, but because in my experience in talking to firms’ clients, price just isn’t the determining factor in using one law firm over another.
So what is the answer? Do better than the competition on the quality of your services, and on bringing real value to clients’ matters. Don’t compete on price. Furthermore, if you are cheaper, you may not be as good in the eyes of potential clients.