Retirement or a THIRD ACT—What Will You Choose? is now available on Amazon!

In this inspiring, action-oriented workbook, award-winning author and coach Paula Black provides a road map for professionals looking to create a fulfilling THIRD ACT rather than settle for traditional retirement.

This empowering workbook is a practical guide for professionals on how to find joy and meaning in their lives. Join Paula Black and her colleagues, and learn how to create your own fulfilling THIRD ACT!

Here is what some readers of advanced copies had to say:

  • Paula Black is truly a master communicator and visionary of the meaning of life.  She provides a depth of self-reflection and understanding that reaches into each reader’s heart, spirit and mind to self-define the journey of what is next, what is important, and how to get there.  I could not put the book down once I opened the first page.  A deep soul-searching experience with profound outcomes. —Lorenzo A. Trujillo, Ed.D., J.D., Assistant Dean (Ret.), University of Colorado School of Law; Affiliate Professor of Music, Metropolitan State University in Denver
  • Don’t be deceived by the title Third Act. If you have been sitting at home for the last few months of this pandemic pondering the following questions—Am I living to my full potential?  Am I making a difference in this world?  Am I doing what I love? What would I do if I knew I would not fail? — Then this book is for you.  This workbook is a unique blend of provocation, inspiration, and practical application, all designed to help you unlock your passion and live life on your terms. Be prepared to be pushed way out of your comfort zone and into a brave new world of self-discovery.  Paula serves as your personal guide to help organize your thoughts and goals to create a tangible plan for you future.  Her vulnerability is refreshing and creates a safe space for the learner.  Don’t wait another minute to dig in to this workbook! —Laura Ravo, Retail Guru, Author, and Speaker
  • Paula’s book, Retirement or A Third Act — What Will You Choose? is a gem of a read!  Funny anecdotes coupled with catchy phrases really make you stop and think about your 3rd act and what you can make it — the workbook format coaxes you to answer probing questions.  It is refreshing and uplifting and provides a truly optimistic perspective on how to approach our later years in life! The pictures are beautiful and all the more meaningful because Paula took them and then shares how she has created a 3rd act of which to be envious. —Mercedes M. Sellek, Esq. Partner, Mercedes M. Sellek, PA; Founder, Ellesquire Women’s Network

It was a labor of love. I hope you will read it and find it inspiring. I wish you lots of happiness, love and fulfillment!