Yes… I am a Raving Fan of the movies. So Oscar night is "not-to-miss" television for me. There are two reasons I am a fan. The first I discovered 26 years ago when I started my business. I was in such overwhelm all the time and could not disconnect and think of anything else… it was as though I could not turn my brain off. UNTIL, I was in a dark theater. I could be taken away by the big screen and totally escape into the story. It gave me a welcomed diversion.

The second is the story; the insight and inspiration. The King’s Speech was no exception. How many of us can relate. Short comings that get in the way of our success.  That seemingly insurmountable task that immobilizes us. It happens to all of us at some time or another. What we do about it is the difference between moving forward to success OR being one of the masses that stay stuck. Here are a few insights and inspirations I got from The King’s Speech…

  •  Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability. Most people want to see you succeed. We often think the world is waiting to criticize us –  but on the contrary, most people love to root for the underdog, the one that is putting forth effort. Effort that comes from the heart. 

  • When called upon… take it on! Grab the responsibility with both hands and show that YOU are the person they can rely on. Make the speech, write the article, give the presentation… step up!

  • Seek help. Find an expert that will help you deal with your short comings. A speech coach, a marketing and business development coach, find your guru to show you the way.

So next time you are in need of a break from your own mind, enter a dark theater and escape into a world that just may inspire you. It doesn’t always have to be uplifting, it just has to make you think!

Black Pearl: Colin Firth delivered the best speech of the evening. Enjoy!