The past few years have been difficult in the legal profession, and many lawyers have been given the mandate to build their book of business… and FAST. Some lawyers got into action and started learning best practices and developing new skills. Others started the long litany of complaints. Isn’t that someone else’s job? I do the work! Isn’t that why we have a marketing department? I’m not a salesperson! I hate that stuff! I went to law school to practice law, not schmooze clients!

Have you heard those words? Or maybe they came out of YOUR mouth? Maybe when you went to law school you couldn’t imagine that there would come a day that you needed to do more than print business cards to develop business. That day is here… like it or not. Every lawyer who wants to be in charge of their own destiny must develop their own book of business. It is no one else’s responsibility. Not your partner’s and certainly not the marketing department’s. Can they provide support? Absolutely… but ultimately it is your responsibility.

I ask you… when are YOU going to do the things you need to do to start building your book of business? If not now… WHEN? Business development takes time and everyday you delay, you fall further behind. You don’t have to do it the way other lawyers do it… you can do it your way. So, start! In my book, to delay is not an option!

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