The past few days all over the legal internet world people are blogging and tweeting about Matt Homann’s diagram. Matt writes a blog… the (non)billable hour. He has put a dagger in the heart of the lawyer’s traditional bio… glory hallelujah! Thank you Matt Homann…

Most lawyers want to write their bio like everyone else… because that’s how it’s always been done. It’s the rare lawyer that says, “Wait a minute… what does my client want to know about me?” Not… “What do I want to tell them?” As Matt points out… they don’t care where you went to law school or which courts and bars you are admitted to. They want to know… “What can you do for me?”  So tell them!

I know that some of you are saying… “But I have lawyers that are a big source of referrals. What do I do for them?” Add an additional button or link to that information. Your colleagues will go the extra click to find it.

Now you know… you can’t un-ring this bell! Take action! Rewrite your bio today! Differentiate yourself from 80% of your colleagues that will read this and do nothing. Be the 20% that will act and give your potential clients the information they want from your bio.

If you would like a little help shoot me an email.