The possibility of optimism, Seth Godin explains…

Is the glass half full or half empty?

The pessimist sees what’s present today and can only imagine eventual decline. The glass is already half empty and its only going to get worse.

The optimist understands that there’s a difference between today and tomorrow. The glass is half full, with room for more. The vision is based on possibility, the future tense, not the present one.

Pessimists have trouble making room for possibility, and thus possibility has trouble finding room for pessimists.

As soon as we realize that there is a difference between right now and what might happen next, we can move ourselves to the posture of possibility, to the self-fulfilling engine of optimism.”

Legal business development demands optimism and the posture of possibility, for there is no guarantee or promise of results. However, I have 3 tips that can fuel your optimism and add to the glass that is half full.

1. Build relationships that matter.
2. Follow-up is essential and adds fuel to your networking.
3. Do something every single day.

Hold on to optimism and don’t let pessimism be the reason you have trouble growing your practice.