The Tour de France… is it on your bucket list? Is cycling your passion? This weekend I had the awesome privilege to witness two friends of mine while they started to plan their trip to The Tour de France this July. First of all… their passion is cycling. When an opportunity presented itself they recognized it as an opportunity of a lifetime. There was no hesitation and no excuses… I can’t afford it… it will be too crowded that time of year… we probably can’t get flights. You know the routine… all the why NOTS! They viewed it "as if" they were already there. The friend that invited them to attend sent a DVD for them to watch. I wish you could have been at my house to watch their faces as they watched the video. It was like watching the faces of two small boys on Christmas morning. Pure delight and wonderment! They will be in one of the pace cars… how cool is that?

When was the last time you felt that passion in your work? I can just hear it… are you kidding me? Work is work and The Tour de France well it’s THE Tour de France! I assert that there is NO reason we can’t feel that passion in our work… pure delight and wonderment! The thought and feeling of… pinch me because I can’t believe I get to do THIS for a living!

Are YOU one of those lawyers who has given in to resignation? You have put your passion in a box and buried the key? I beg you… I challenge you… I order you… FIND IT and get into action.

What happens when you find your passion?

1. You LOVE thinking about it, talking about it and working on it.

2. You inspire others with confidence, trust and reliability that you are the right person for the case.

3. You are developing business without even intending it… it’s a byproduct of your passion. People want to be around you. People want to hire you and people want to refer you.

Say yes when opportunity knocks… no excuses. If you are in-touch with your passion you will recognize an opportunity of a lifetime with no hesitation. What’s the passion that will take you to YOUR Tour de France?