There are 525,600 minutes in a year… and EVERY minute we have the opportunity to make choices. Choices that will move us closer to our goals and objectives OR choices that will move us further away. So, where did your CHOICES take you in 2011? 

Last January I was giving one of my seminars… Grow Your Practice… Common Sense Strategies, and I was talking about my philosophy of doing something every single day. I asked the question… What could you accomplish if you focused and made this commitment? I pushed the lawyers… commit to something! I then said… "I want 20 more coaching clients." (Did I just say that OUT LOUD I thought? Yikes, I just said that in public! Now you’ve done it, Paula! The world knows… 20… Yes 20 is the number!)

Throughout the year I was confronted with choices that could get me closer to my goal or get me further away. My choices got me 23 new coaching clients this year. What was at work here?

I shared my commitment with others. And had several conversations with those that heard the commitment… as to my progress and several of them gave me referrals. I sort of had a team on MY side.

I made choices every singe day that would get me closer to my goal. It was a call, an email, a meeting… a conversation… I made choices!

Who will you share your 2012 goals and objectives with… find YOUR team that can support you. And make CHOICES every single day that will move you closer to your goal. Every single minute YOU have a CHOICE!