24 hours in a day… If I were Queen of the Universe I would change it to… 26 hours in a day! 

Well, maybe for a brief moment I can be Queen of the Universe… and expand the day to 26 hours. I’m sure you’re thinking… "This woman has lost her mind!"  No. I just read an article in Fast Company, If You Want It Done Right, Don’t Do It Yourself. Yes, I said DON’T do it yourself! Leah Busque points out "Time is our most limited resource, and knowing how to maximize it is imperative."

She talks about the law of comparative advantage, which "means focusing on what you are comparatively good at – and working with others to take care of the rest." Now my friends THAT can effectively increase the day to 26 hours for sure! 

Let’s imagine for a second…

1. You are working on a big case that requires research that you don’t have the time to do, but you have a colleague that has time, is excellent at it, and on top of it, loves doing it.

2. You love trial work but you are not very good at holding the clients hand… but your colleague is a natural.

3. You love writing articles but hate giving speeches, while your colleague gives speeches effortlessly.

Yes… you are smart and could do it all. But should you? That is the question. The answer is NO! Don’t do it! Work with others to take care of the work you don’t have the time for or can’t do, as well as others can.

So… DO what you are comparatively good at and COLLABORATE with others to do the rest. Notice that I didn’t say delegate, which is a different mindset. I’m talking about collaborating with colleagues you trust, admire and respect. That can be an enjoyable process that does not require a great deal of managing, while delegation usually does.

So as Queen of the Universe… I just added the possibility of 2 more hours to your day! Remember… time is our most precious commodity. Ask for help… your colleagues will most likely be flattered.

Black Pearl: What would the music industry be without collaboration? Think about Eric Clapton’s collaboration with B.B. King, J.J. Cale, Steve Winwood, Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker or recently Winston Marsalis… to name a few. Did he focus on what he is comparatively good at and enlist others to collaborate on the rest… you bet! And the result is pure heaven! Who could be your mentor like B.B. King? Who could be you equal like Steve Winwood? Who could you influence like Winston Marsalis? Imagine how rewarding it could be!