A couple of weeks ago I was on a panel at the University of Miami Law School, and a student emailed me asking if she could have an hour of my time to talk about my thoughts on getting a JD and MBA. We met Sunday morning for a cup of coffee. First of all, kudos to her for having the courage and self-confidence to find people in the community to meet with and seek advice. The things we discussed over coffee could apply to even a seasoned attorney.

We are never too young OR too old… to seek the advice of people more experienced in an area than we are. Most often people are happy to spend time and share their experience. I will connect this young woman with a client of mine who has an MBA and JD, as well as a former mentee, who is a brand manager in a global corporation.

Set yourself apart from the masses… that is what an MBA could do for her. Knowing the law is the foundation, but knowing how to run a business – now that is a point of differentiation. Maybe it’s not feasible for you to go back and get an MBA but there are certainly plenty of courses to introduce you to the principles of business.

Find your passion and narrow your focus… this young woman loves the arts and has studied drama so she was thinking of focusing on Intellectual Property Law. Brilliant! Find something you are passionate about and leverage that passion.

I talk to too many attorneys that hate what they are doing. It’s never too late to change a few things… imagine you are starting all over, like this young law student. Leverage your law degree… find your passion, focus on the things that will set you apart and seek the advice of people who have been there before you.

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