Are you one of thousands of lawyers that are just going through the motions? Are you just doing what is expected of you? Because… that is what an associate does in order to make partner… or that is what a shareholder does simply because you’re a shareholder… or that is what you do to keep your firm moving upward?

But what you do each day is not what fuels you… you’re simply going through the motions. It’s a job! If so… I challenge you to change it! Find what fuels you. If you aren’t working on the matters that energize you… then find the kind of work that will. If you are not in an environment that feels right then do something about it. If you are struggling to move your firm forward, step back and ask yourself the tough questions. Do what you need to do to change things. Find your passion. Find the fire in your belly. Find your calling!

I know you can find it! I work with lawyers every week who are finding it. When you do, it makes dealing with the long hours, demanding clients, and the work that business development requires a lot more palatable.

So… find it! Because it is the foundation needed to build a solid book of business. You can’t fake it or just go through the motions. Your inauthenticity will show. But when you have passion for what you are doing people can sense it… you never have to “sell” it. You just have to be genuine!

Black Pearl: The Success Principles by Jack Canfield says it all in the tagline… How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. This is a jewel of a book! His opening chapter… Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life… is a kick in the butt. It had a powerful influence on my life, you may find the same.