Are you acting like a CEO or like a lawyer who has the added burden of keeping the firm a float? It’s not too likely that many of you answered CEO. WHY? Well I think most lawyers don’t think of their practice as a business… I can just hear it. "Of course it’s a business… It’s a professional services business!" Maybe so but… I would venture to guess that most of you work IN the business NOT on the business. And therein lies the difference. Chances are you are spending most of your time producing the work… making the widgets. Would you like to know how successful INC 500 CEOs spend their time?

Inc. Magazine found out that they spend:

  • 3 hours selling and talking to customers – 23% 
  • 3 hours in meetings and talking to employee – 23% 
  • 2 hours emailing – 15%
  • 5 hours other and misc. – 39%

Take a look and see how your day compares to these highly successful CEOs. One thing is for sure… they don’t get a lot of sleep. 

Imagine what you could accomplish if you spent just a few hours a week working ON the business instead of just IN it… believe me it would have a profound effect. I have seen it over and over again! As my new client put it…"I want to build a business not be chained to my practice." How do YOU want to spend YOUR time? I know that I would like to spend MY time exploring and creating NEW possibilities…