Do you communicate your "attitude of gratitude"?

Do your clients KNOW that you appreciate their business? Do they KNOW that you enjoy the work you do for them? Do they KNOW that you truly care about their situation? 

Do your colleagues KNOW that you like working with them? Do they KNOW that you respect the work they produce? Do they KNOW that you talk to others about them?

Do your friends KNOW how much they mean to you? Do they KNOW just how they enrich your life? Do they KNOW how often the memories you’ve made together make you smile?

Do your family members KNOW you miss them when you are away? Do they KNOW that you think they’re special? Do they KNOW you love them?

OR are you the one who communicates entitlement and is too busy to say THANK YOU?

You may think you have communicated your feelings and thoughts… but have you? Look clients, colleagues, friends and family members in the eye and say what you mean. Take that moment to make sure your clients, colleagues, friends and especially your family KNOW how you feel and what you’re thinking… no one is a mind reader. Our lives wouldn’t work without them… make sure they know that.