As you know I have been traveling lately… unfortunately I sprained my foot and couldn’t walk without the help of a cane. So in order to get through the airports I requested a wheelchair. What an eye-opening experience. People were so kind and helpful… airline employees, security staff, cab drivers and fellow passengers. EVERYONE expressed their humanity in the smallest and largest of gestures. This got me thinking…

What if we expressed our kindness everyday to everyone we encounter? 

YOU would go through your day with a generous heart… how uplifting would that be?

YOU could MAKE someone’s day… generally people come to you because they have a problem they are dealing with… so adding a bit of sunshine to someone’s day would be a great thing.

YOU could "pay it forward"… maybe someone will do something kind for someone YOU care about.

The two most forgotten words in the English language today are "THANK YOU". It’s not that we are not grateful, because I think we do feel gratitude…. but what happens is we are rushed for time and we take shortcuts. We are on to the next thought or task and we don’t bother acknowledging what we think… How nice, thoughtful, generous or great!

Think about the impact this could have on your clients, referral sources and colleagues. We naturally gravitate to kind people… nobody wants to hug a porcupine!

For those litigators that say… "but, I HAVE to be tough and aggressive." I say… not to the clerk you don’t.

It’s hard to be confrontational or grumpy when someone is being kind to you. Remember what our mothers taught is… "Kill them with kindness."