By giving clients an amazing experience we can not only drum up repeat business, but we can build a referral source for the future.

This week we asked: How do you think clients would rate your client service?

1) Terrible – 0%

2) Not great – 0%

3) Just OK – 31%

4) Pretty good – 43%

5) Outstanding – 26%

My Thoughts: I’m happy to see that over two-thirds of you think that your clients would rate you above average. But are you sure? How do you know?

This week we’re looking at the importance of client service—not just in retaining clients, but in transforming them into major referral sources. The book I referenced on Tuesday (“Flip the Funnel” by Joseph Jaffe) uses actual case studies of big business to show how companies relate to consumers and the importance of making sure they’re happy. Not just happy. Go-out-of-their-way, over-the-top, have-to-tell-someone-immediately happy.

Quick example: One of my team members recently had her second child. When she and her husband pulled out their three-year-old crib to put it back to together for their newborn they found that a small albeit important piece was broken. Having bought the crib from a large national retailer they jumped in the car and headed to the store. After explaining their dilemma to the manager he explained that the crib was a special order item and they didn’t stock the part needed, but he would check the back. 15 minutes later he returned with the part. How? He had taken apart an entire floor model in the back office just to provide them with a 3-inch bracket. Did he have to do that? Absolutely not. Did my associate run immediately to Facebook, Twitter and anyone who would listen and tell them how fabulous the retailer was? Yes. Did that translate to new business? You bet.

Think about it. What have you done for a client lately that would inspire that kind of action?

"In an acquisition-heavy world, we pull out all the stops to woo a stranger to sample our wares, yet we ignore the very people who essentially fund our acquisition efforts in the first place. It is tantamount to feeding yourself by holding the steak knife the wrong way," writes Jaffe. "Not only will you go hungry, but also you’ll end up in the emergency room."

Black Pearl: If you’re interested in more information from the book check out the Twitter feed or the website.