If you want results you have to make the effort…and sometimes that means asking for help.

This week we asked: Are you applying the help and guidance of professionals when it comes to legal marketing and business development?

Yes – 27%

No – 25%

Sometimes – 48%

My Thoughts: The good news is that over half of you are applying the advice you’ve been given by professionals to your daily business development efforts. I’m guessing that the other 25% of you either have not sought advice outside of this blog, or have not found it applicable to your everyday life.

For the next few weeks we’re going to examine just how to work with marketing and business development professionals. We’ll look at how to find a mentor, how to work with both in-house and outside consultants, how to find the right person for your goals and just what you can learn from them. I’ll also share a few of the hardest lessons I’ve learned myself in the 15-plus years I’ve worked with attorneys and law firms. Because sometimes you can’t do it alone.

Before you dismiss business development as unimportant, consider these words from Robert Bryan Barnes of Rogers Townsend & Thomas

Successful business development is the most important distinguishing factor in your career.  Nearly every lawyer with a license can turn out adequate work.

Black Pearl: For guidance in selecting a legal marketing consultant, start with my article entitled How To Choose A Legal Marketing Consultant.