You have a conversation about someone… what are you likely to do? Google… find out more about the person. So when someone hears YOUR name and Googles you what will they find? 

  • Your website bio? Is it up to date and does it speak to the type of work you are interested in doing?
  • A few directories with your phone number and address? Big deal… so what if they can find your office!

Are you proud of what they will find? Perhaps not.

Be the driver of your Internet identity. What are you an expert in? What is your opinion? What is your advice? This is NOT YOUR BIO… it is what is inside your head! That my friend is what will be powerful for people to find on the internet. This will provide credibility and reinforce what someone has said about you. That YOU are a lawyer worth talking to!

Articles and blogs are the answer. Every single day you put it off… you are that much further behind. Just get going!

Black Pearl: Kevin O’keefe "explores the question whether or not the Internet is an accelerator of a lawyers word of mouth". Take a look.