"Just make it great."...  Carmine Gallo writes in his article for Forbes Magazine that these were the words of Steve Jobs to John Lasseter, who at the time was the only animator at Pixar Studios. Just make it great… so he did and the rest is history.  Steve Jobs purchased Pixar for $10 million and later sold it to Disney for $7.4 billion.

Gallo goes on to say…

The day of average is over. Today an average business will generate below-average results. New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote, ‘What was average performance in the past will not earn an average grade, an average wage, or a middle class standard of living.’ Friedman recommends that all of us need to raise our game. In other words, just make it great.

Search for excellence in everything your business does and everything it stands for. Take another look at your web site. Is it readable, engaging, and easy to navigate? Take another look at your product. Is it elegant and simple to use? Take another look at the customer experience. Are you enriching the lives of your customers and making them feel good about doing business with you? Take another look at your leadership skills. Are you an average leader who gets a job done or a great leader who inspires your team?

Focus on… excellence that your client recognizes. The audience who viewed it and proclaimed it… great recognized Pixar’s excellence. Do as Gallo suggests, review your marketing materials, your articles, your blog and ask yourself… are they excellent? No? Then… Just make them great!