Grand gestures or small steps, getting others involved can boost your legal marketing efforts and help keep you on track.

 This week we asked: What are you doing to inspire legal marketing within your firm?

 1. Leading marketing and business development initiatives – 62%

2. Providing training and resources – 23%


3. Holding members accountable for their marketing efforts – 10%


4. Surrounding myself with extroverts who understand marketing and business development – 5%

My Thoughts: As I suspected, most of your efforts (62%) fall into the leadership category. Though being a passionate leader is an important part, providing concrete incentives and training shouldn’t be overlooked. A true marketing culture can’t be implemented overnight, like anything else it takes hard work, dedication and focused efforts. Try…

  • Training and resources… That can mean anything from seminars or workshops to sharing helpful websites or blogs (like!) Read a great marketing or business development book? Pass it around the office. Exposure to ideas and strategies can spark action.
  • Creating a forum for results… Set up a monthly or quarterly marketing meeting, where those interested in business development activities can get together to report on their initiatives, share leads and be held accountable for their efforts. It will keep you on track.
  • Hiring extroverts… Make marketing and business development a part of your hiring practices. Bring in lawyers who are extroverted and able to embrace change. The same goes for support staff or anyone else who can contribute to firm marketing efforts.

Enlisting help and support in your journey may not be easy, what with billable hours and everyday excuses, but if you can get just a few outspoken and influential colleagues on board it can reap serious rewards for all of you. Remember, marketing culture doesn’t just happen; it’s a process that requires time, effort and most of all FOCUS.

As my colleague Sharla Frost of Powers & Frost said:

You have to set an example by talking the talk and walking the walk.  I’m always giving speeches, writing articles, meeting with clients, sending marketing e-mails, providing in-house training, and even working with people at other law firms to develop relationships where appropriate.

Black Pearl: For more information on inspiring your firm and colleagues look at my second book “The Little Black Book on Law Firm Marketing and Business Development.” It paints a good picture of the tactics you can employ to initiate firm involvement in legal marketing. And… It’s a quick 30 minute read.