Uncertainty… is a lawyer’s enemy. You are trained to find the certainty… that is what makes you good lawyers. But, it is also what makes you lousy business development planners!

Planning requires that you: make educated guesses, leaps of faith, look into a crystal ball and just plan DREAM! I know that isn’t a typical lawyer trait , but with some practice it could be fun… and I know it works.

What do you want 2012 to look like?

Dream… about how many new clients you would like to acquire.

Look into a crystal ball… and project the amount of business you will get from current clients.

Make an educated guess… look at the revenue you brought in last year and project what you will do next year.

Take a leap of faith… that if you put in the effort and the time, it will all pay off.

Now that didn’t hurt… did it? It’s just a muscle you need to exercise. Set goals and objectives for every business development meeting and predict the outcome! Do it often enough and you will get pretty good. Make it a game… it can be fun. 

Black Pearl: Here’s an article by Johnny B. Truant, 6 ways toMaster Entrepreneurial Uncertainty. There are insights that lawyers could gain from Johnny’s observations. Take a look.