Where are you going to place your focus in 2012? What could you accomplish if you focused… focused… focused! Here are 5 initiatives… imagine how they could impact your practice. 

1. Meet with a Raving Fan, one per month… these are people who know you, trust you and want to see you succeed. Ask them to help you by making introductions, etc.

2. This year pick 12 relationships to concentrate on… how will you stay top of mind? The relationship could be with individuals or an organization… the goal is to be consistently visible.

3. Create marketing and business development partnerships… a team approach will multiply your efforts. Find individuals or firms that have complimentary practices and similar target markets. 

4. Become more well known within a referral source’s firm… spread the word. Get your referral source to introduce you to their colleagues within their firm.

5. TARGET your focus… an industry… a region… a company… a Bar Association… and so on.

It’s a matter of FOCUS and COMMITMENT. I guarantee that if you put these 5 initiatives into your daily routine and DO SOMETHING EVERY SINGLE DAY… you WILL see results. (I have a client that has been meeting with Raving Fans and it never fails… he gets a case every time! What could YOU accomplish?)