Once you’ve answered Tuesday’s questions (and hopefully a few more of your own asking), you’ll be better able to rework and rethink your marketing plan to see even more results in the coming year. For instance… if you went the entire year without writing a single article but managed to reconnect with 5 old clients, it’s clear where your interest—and therefore—your strength lays. So increase your goal to reconnect with 8 old clients in 2011 and reduce your article goals. Another area that’s easy to rethink is that of referrals. How many did you give? How many did you get? Who were they to and from? Then alter that section of your marketing plan accordingly. It’s really that easy.

Black Pearl: In case you need a quick refresher in writing a plan, click here to browse through previous posts dedicated to the topic. And here’s a great—and short—thought on tactics versus strategy article from Jeff Berman at Law Marketing Monitor.