Change is uncomfortable, and most often, it will happen with or without your participation. Will you embrace it, or will you resist it? Could it be an opportunity for growth? Consider for a moment—What if it is an opportunity for growth and you pass on it? Seth Godin has an interesting perspective…

“The windmills aren’t the problem, it’s the tilting.

In Cervantes’ day, ’tilting’ was a word for jousting. You tilted your lance at an enemy and attacked.

Don Quijote was noted for believing that the windmills in the distance were giants, and he spent his days on attack.

Change can look like a windmill.

When we say, ‘the transition to a new place is making me uncomfortable,’ we’ve expressed something truthful. But when we attack a windmill, we’ve wasted our time and missed an opportunity to focus on what matters instead.

When my dad taught at the University of Buffalo, the heart of his MBA classes was teaching about the ‘change agent.’ This is the external force that puts change into motion. The change agent, once identified, gives us an understanding of our options and the need to respond, not to react.

Every normal is a new normal, until it is replaced by another one. —Seth Godin

Find the courage to view change as an opportunity. Sometimes we spend much too much time resisting change instead of taking action! This week I ask you to stop the resistance. You will never have complete assurance something will work. Make a commitment and get to work!