These past weeks have turned our world upside down and inside out. The silver lining in all of this is the time we have had to focus on our families. The lines have been blurred between family and work. Finding harmony has been a challenge to say the least.

I asked several of my clients to share what they learned that could be taken into the post Covid-19 world as we all create our new normal.

Is there anything you learned about managing your families’ needs? 

1.“I’m not sure it counts as something I’ve learned, but facing the uncertainties of a pandemic like Covid 19, which can be lethal, reinforces your commitment to family and paying attention to your family members needs.  When confronted in a very real way with a threat like this pandemic poses, you focus on what matters most, which for many of us is our family.” Jeffrey Lapin, Commercial Litigator

2.“Yep! I am still learning. So far, I am learning that it’s easier if I work around my family’s schedule then to force them to accommodate mine. This is still a work in progress.” Clarissa Rodriguez, International Law

3.“Patience is important.  I learned that sometimes you have to slow down and really be present. Also- I learned that my kids eat every 5 minutes and use every dish in the house- daily.” Stefanie Deters, Trust and Estate Law

4.“I learned that I could not assist my children with their school activities without help.  Without my husband and I tag-teaming there was no way the youngest child could have gotten the support she needed. Both of us had to coordinate meeting schedules to accommodate and sometimes it was just not possible to support her on her assigned schedule.” Sheena Benjamin-Wise, Family Law

5.“Kids need structure. They appreciate it and have responded surprisingly well to instructions to get off their phones and get outside! Also, setting time parameters helps them from complaining. Asking them to “Read for one hour. I’ll set the timer on my phone” gets a better response than “Go read!” Karen Lapekas, Tax Law

An unexpected impact is that my general rhythm of life is changed and now I have more opportunities to spend quality time with my children.”Sheena Benjamin-Wise, Family Law

6.“I learned to shift my schedule and be okay with it. My fiancé has really enjoyed making us lunch instead of dinner. So instead of maybe being done with work by six or seven and then eating dinner, we just have a break in the middle of the day where we enjoy our lunch together and spend time together, and then get back to work and work later, until eight or nine.

I’ve also learned to get outside of my comfort zone when it comes to relieving stress after being housebound for so long. If my fiancé needs a 7:00 PM Lambada dance party, and even though I don’t know how to Lambada, who am I to stop her? We are all dealing with this in our own way, and the smile on her face is worth any awkwardness I feel while dancing.” James Peterson, Employment Law

My Takeaway

Work-life balance doesn’t exist—it’s impossible to maintain! Rather, know what things are important in your life and keep them in harmony! Like an orchestra, sometimes the strings are featured and other times it’s the horns. But, they are always in harmony.

P.S. You might be wondering about the photo I used. Well, I’m a passionate amateur photographer. And have found an outlet for my passion. I hope you like the photo I took in the Ancient City of Ephesus, Izmir, Turkey.