It is much easier to get additional work from existing clients than from new clients. But you need to communicate with them. Written or telephone surveys are okay, and better than doing nothing; but, the most effective surveys are in-person interviews. The latter allows you to ask the client how the firm is doing and get immediate face-to-face feedback as to how the firm is doing and what it could do to improve its services. A few simple questions are all you need to ask. Click here to download sample questions.

Do the interviews yourself or hire a third party to do them for you. The important point is that the in-person interview should not be done by the lawyer who regularly works with the client. If your firm does the interviews internally, they should be conducted by the managing partner, department head, or the marketing director/administrator. In this way you are more likely to insure getting honest responses – both good and bad, especially about those areas needing improvement.
Several important points:
-Clients are extremely flattered that their lawyers even ask how they are doing,
-Ninety percent of the time the comments are complimentary, and
Many times it leads to immediate, additional work.
Most importantly, better to find out if there is problem in the relationship before the client walks. Clients generally do not fire their lawyer outright. Rather they just hire a different lawyer/law firm for the next matter. So, survey your clients before a competitor gets the chance to service their legal needs.