Today a ran across one of the shortest posts I’ve seen by a blogger of some stature, and the post said soooooo much in so little space. The gist of it is one word "Thanks" in cursive. A mere 34 words rounded out the post.

I’ve been a fan of Gerry Riskin and his Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices blog for a long time. His latest post addresses the issue of appreciation, and that law firms should not assume that clients know that they appreciate their business. Firms need to extend "Thank You’s" to make sure they know. That is also true for referral sources or other individuals who help you in your business.

Sending a handwritten Thank You note has long been part of my advice to my clients, and I’ve posted on the practice many times over the years, most recently here.

It is true, as Gerry points out, that it is one way to “separate yourself from the masses” since too few people take the time to send such notes.