Some years ago at a seminar, I heard a story (likely just anecdotal) about the lawyer whose client called, but because he was busy and “knew” what the client was calling about, he did not return the call. As the story goes, the client eventually called and retained another lawyer after reporting that she was seriously injured by a Coca Cola truck that ran a red light.

Recently, I was sent a copy of Dangerous Law Practice Myths, Lies and Stupidity by Judd Kessler, Gunter Enz, et al. The 94-page book looks like a fun read, although I have only just skimmed parts of it. Myth #34 reminded me of the above story and is sub-titled “Potential clients will wait for a great lawyer to call them back.”


In today’s world, it’s about rapid (if not instant) gratification. The book features parables by Arthur Simon, Esq. (a fictional law practice guru). So, what does he have to say about this issue?:

“Simon says: In our fast-paced high-tech society, clients seek instant gratification. If you don’t take the opportunity to be the first lawyer to talk with the prospect (or a client), your competitor will, and there’s better than a 90% chance that (the) prospect will become his client….”

Every lawyer should put a system in place to ensure that all calls are returned ASAP.