Both Patrick Lamb and I have covered this topic before. His recent experience reminded both of us of the dangers of improper use of the speakerphone – mainly client irritation or worse. Bad legal marketing!
Just a quick reminder of why speakerphone etiquette is important to person on the other end of your call:
*Considered rude – without asking permission and giving reason for its use
*Makes other person feel unimportant – unless asked
*Don’t know who else is listening
*Don’t know who else is overhearing
*Hesitate to mention ANYTHING of a confidential nature
*Tells me other person is lazy or self-important
In my earlier post I gave this link to Plantronics headsets which work great and eliminate the need for speakerphones (except where multiple persons need to be in on the call). I bought the CS50 wireless, which gives me freedom to move about the room, and I use it for all my calls.