I know, I know.  You’ve been too darn busy.  But I have a newsflash for ya.  Christmas is next week!

Don’t forget your clients and referrals sources, or other key contacts.  I won’t even mention your spouse.  In that department you are on your own.

But for the rest there is still hope.  But it’s time to ACT.  If you haven’t  seen Reid Trautz’s “2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers” take a look.  It isn’t just for lawyers BTW.  It is his 11th year of doing the guide, and there are some nifty items listed.

I know you’ve heard of the USPS Express Mail, Fedex and UPS, so no excuses.  His great lists are reasons I haven’t done my holiday list in a few years. Nevertheless, here a post linking to a few of mine (dated to some extent, but not in all cases, and I apologize for broken links):

Holiday Gift Procrastinators Unite!
It’s not too late to select and ship gifts to clients, referral sources, friends and family. In past years, i.e., in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008, I posted suggestions on gifts for the holidays. Okay, so I procrastinated the last couple of years. Bad me, but I’ve decided to mend my ways for 2011. Many suggestions…Continue Reading

There is time, so stop postponing.