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Don’t Send DUMB E-mails

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

Do not – repeat – do not send stupid, overly emotional, inappropriate emails. Have you ever sent an email that you wish you hadn’t?  Of course you have.  And I stand guilty as charged myself.  I’m not just talking about an incomplete one, or hitting the Send key before proof reading typos or such.  Everyone… Continue Reading

Why Clients Will Pay You More

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

Because they like you.  They like you because you provide great value.  You provide great value because you care about your clients, about being efficient and reducing costs, helping them achieve their personal and business goals, and you give them freebies (i.e. free advice occasionally, CLE, and more). The result: raving fans! Raving fans are willing to… Continue Reading

Client Communications: What Has The World Come To?

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

A reporter called the other day to ask about whether client communications have changed, and what I thought about how lawyers should communicate with clients in this new age. She mentioned that in talking with some digitally savvy “younger” lawyers, they preferred communicating by email and texting. In fact, one thirty something told her that… Continue Reading

Client Interviews: Think Defensively

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

I have advocated for years the need for client satisfaction interviews as a means of keeping competitors from pirating your clients. Not only do these surveys, especially in-person ones, help to solidify the client relationship, but they let a firm know about any client dissatisfaction before the client departs for another firm. But, there is… Continue Reading

What Do General Counsel Want?

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

A panel of in-house counsel at a recent meeting of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association discussed the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How’s of hiring outside counsel. Their discussion was summarized by Janet Ellen Raasch in an article that appears on JDSupra. What struck me was how we have heard… Continue Reading

Do You Fail To Communicate Well?

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

One of my absolute favorite movies of all time is Cool Hand Luke starring Paul Newman and George Kennedy. A favorite line from that classic was spoken by the captain of the prison camp (played by Strother Martin) after Newman’s (Luke’s) umpteenth failed attempt at escape and subsequent punishment. His said “what we have here… Continue Reading

What Keeps Your Clients Up At Night?

Posted in Client Communications, Marketing Tips

If you don’t know, shame on you. The most important element in marketing and business development is assuring the most solid, close, concrete, rock-solid, meaningful, close up, personal, etc., etc. (you get the drift) client relationships possible. If that is NOT your main focus, double shame. Yesterday’s (today’s is below) “marketing meditation” from my good… Continue Reading