Perception IS reality to the observer. If a client or prospective client observes a lawyer’s office as disorganized, such disarray can strike fear into their mind as to how their matter will be handled.
On Reid My Blog, a posting on “Files that Talk” covered the issue very well. Succinctly put:

“Rest assured, clients reach conclusions about your qualities as a lawyer by extrapolating from the visible to the invisible. The condition of your office and files become vivid symbols of your skills and attitude toward your clients and their problems.”

I knew a brilliant admiralty lawyer many years ago who had the most incredibly messy office. Suffice it to say that you could hardly see him on the other side of his desk. The rest of his office was no better. Yet he knew where a every document could be found. Amazing! His reputation was so good that he could get away with it. Don’t assume in today’s legal marketplace that a cluttered office, desk or files will impress a client. Most likely the opposite will result.