As odd as it may seem, the chase and the capture of a new client ends marketing for some professionals. They get so caught up with gaining a new client that they forget that marketing does not end with obtaining a new matter, it is only the beginning.

Since marketing is everything you do as a lawyer, how you handle the relationship after you land the new matter will really determine your long term success. Client relationships are what marketing and business development it is all about. Focusing on building those relationships is extremely important. And that should happen from Day One.

Michael Fleischner on The Marketing Blog has three suggestions on how to do that in his article “Focus on Renewals After the Sale.” Although his suggestions are not directed toward lawyers, they are just as applicable to our industry. They include:

  • Frequent communications (whether that involves newsletters, law alerts, an article of interest, or any form of communication that assures constant contact);
  • Client feedback in the form of surveys (preferably in-person, but at least by telephone); and
  • “Share best practices” (let clients know what experiences have worked for other clients in similar circumstances or industries, and do so in whatever way works best for them).

So, keep in mind that business development activities do not end when you get a new client. They need to continue for the life of the engagement …and beyond.