The ABA’s Law Practice Today has an article that talks about how to avoid malpractice claims, pointing out that the majority of claims according to Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company involve client communication and management issues.

“Over the last five years a failure to know or apply the law accounted for 9.0 percent of LawPRO claims by count, and 9.6 percent of our claims costs. This makes it the third most frequent and third most costly error over the last five years, and far less significant that the over sixty percent of errors that involve communication and time management issues. Keep this in mind when you are taking CLE programs and other self-improvement course. Don’t solely focus on substantive law. Take some course that will help improve your communication and time management skills.” [emphasis mine]

Good advice.
As I have mentioned in an earlier post, poor client communication not only can result in grievances (or worse) being filed against lawyers, it is just bad marketing.