It’s not too late for holiday cards, but if you do send ‘em this year (and I think you should) remember to do it with feeling. That is, Sign The Damn Holiday Card, and include a brief, personal, handwritten note. Oh yeah, hand address the envelope also.

I know I just lost a bunch of folks on that last one. But, think about it at least. What better way to show that you will go the extra mile, that you really care about your clients and those referral sources. I don’t buy the argument that it’s a waste of time to hand address the envelope because secretaries only throw them away. Not when the envelope is hand written in my experience.

Throughout the year, lawyers try to come up with ways to get closer to their clients, “bullet proofing” (Edge International) them as it were, and turning them into “raving fans” (Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles). So, why not utilize one simple technique that so demonstratively shows that you took extra time during a hectic time of year (with holiday and year-end pressures) because you really do care about them.


  • Hi Tom. Good post. I don’t send holiday cards at the end of the year but a Thank You card thanking my clients for their business during the past year or for becoming a client during the past year. But, whatever you call the card, I think it is absolutely essential to write the card out yourself, sign it and hand address the envelope. Otherwise, your card just becomes another automatically generated ‘thing’ (something there is so much of these days) that has little, if any, intrinsic value to the person on the receiving end. Why bother sending out a card if you don’t personally stand behind its sentiments by taking the time to write on it yourself?
    Tom’s Response: AMEN!