It’s 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, and Tom Peters of In Search of Excellence fame undoubtedly would like to know if you called a client today. Peters has an excellent 1 minute 7 second audio clip I ran across today. You should listen to it as well.

He admonishes us to never get out of touch with customers (clients), which is easy to do. He warns about losing touch:

“Must not happen. Stop. Now. Call a customer – out of the blue. Ask: how can I help? How are we doing? Have we delivered on every promise… listen, listen, listen. Take notes, meticulously… Follow up on at least one little thing, fast, instantly…”

He concludes by saying that we all have customers (clients), so his admonition "applies to 100% of us.”

So, I’m about to make my call. How about you?