Having preached…yes preached for most of my marketing life about the importance of sending handwritten thank you’s , congratulatory notes, etc., I continue to be amazed at how little of this is simply activity is done today. I have at least a dozen posts over the last six years of this blog that mentions the value of handwritten notes. This link will take you to most of them.

It is just so effective, and so infrequently done in this digital age, that anyone who does it is certain to stand out from the crowd. In a highly competitive legal market and in a down economy, why not use all the tricks of the trade in being unique, or at least memorable.

Jaimie Field in her "Rainmaking" series talks about “The Power of the Handwritten Note.” Her main point is right on:

“Think about how nice it is when you open your mail and you see your name and address handwritten on a card size envelope. It is usually the first thing you’ll open because it is so rare to receive that in the mail nowadays.”

How true!