Folks who read my blog know that I am not a ranter by nature �.(well, maybe when it comes to the failure of law schools to prepare law students for the business side of law here, and here).
But, I visited a doctor’s office (not my regular MD) this week to get the results of a stress test (which was perfect, thank you very much). I was on time, sat in reception area cooling my heels for 40-minutes, to then have the privilege of getting 5 minutes of his time. Receptionist was stone-faced, people who came after me went in first, others came and went. When the nurse/assistant called me in and took my blood pressure, which she informed was a bit high, I responded “no wonder, considering how long I have been waiting.”
Silence �
Not a word. No “sorry”. Nothing!
Mentioned to the doctor (after waiting some more) that I “may” have annoyed his assistant by my comment.
Not a word. No “sorry.” Nothing!
I gave up. Good report. I’m out of there. Not likely to speak favorable about the experience or that particular practice�.. not that they give a darn. But, why work so hard at bad marketing!! It’s amazing.
So, PLEASE, if you must have a client wait in your reception area for ANY length of time, have someone, anyone (preferably yourself) explain the reason for the delay, when you will be able to see them, and at least render a perfunctory apology. Legal marketing is not rocket science, so why would a lawyer want to hurt him/herself by having clients/prospects getting ready to blast off in their outer office. Just doesn’t make any sense.