It is important, particularly in the current, dismal economic climate to communicate well, especially with clients. Our message needs to be clearly, concisely and competently conveyed (how about that alliteration, huh? – yeah, you’re probably right).

Well, Garrett Saunders over at the New Marketing Rules blog apparently knows the devil. Because he informs us that he has “developed the following sins” that he relates in his article “5 Deadly Sins of Marketing Communication.” – whether they are used in promotional communications or marketing communications in the broader sense.


The sins include:

  1. Failure to come to a point of what you really stand for,
  2. Using passive vs. active communication,
  3. Employing a vocabulary that confuses your audience (boy, can we lawyers do a number with legalese),
  4. Difficult verb tenses vs. present tense, and
  5. Lecturing instead of telling a story that is interesting.


So, “originality and surprise creates stopping power” according Saunders, but it’s important not to commit marketing communication sins by projecting messages that are complicated, confusing, convoluted, complex … (I know there I go again), but you get my drift.