According to Larry Bodine of the LawMarketing Portal and the Professional Marketing blog “Email is Dead”. His entertaining article is a fun read, and not entirely tongue-in-cheek. Although it might be a bit premature to say email is dead, he accurately points out the many headaches associated with spam. He is right in saying that blogs will become a more reliable way of getting your marketing message through. I totally agree with those that say blogs are the wave of the future.
However, for many smaller firms a bigger problem has to do with viruses and spyware that affect their computers, which Larry also mentions in his article. To these firms the bad guys’ favorite — Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser�is more of a serious problem than emails per se. Mozilla’s Firefox browser which you can obtain as a free download from their site is rapidly gaining market share (albeit still in the single digits) as the more reliable browser. More and more users swear by it as the safer way to get around the web. You might want to give it a look. At least it might solve one of your major headaches until email finds a cure or indeed dies off.