I believe finding our new normal is inevitable, but challenging. According to a survey MyCase conducted, 47% of law firms surveyed believe that Covid-19 will have a lasting impact on the way law firms operate. That would include how you develop business.

I asked several of my clients to share what they learned that could be taken into the post Covid-19 world as we all create our new normal.

Did you do anything business development related? If so, what was it?

1. “I made it a point to call my main referral sources and check in on them. I have seen them less in person obviously, but I’m still checking in with them via emails and phone calls and things seem to be going smoothly. Cases are still coming in. I did a Zoom networking event, which I thought was a good alternative to the norm. It lacks the personal connection of an in-person event, but the convenience and lack of travel kind of made up for it.”—James A. Peterson, Employment Law

2. “I’ve done a few zoom meetings.  I like not having to dress up, drive downtown, pay for parking, etc.  These development practices can kill several hours in a day.  Zoom development meetings are about 30 minutes long so I can be more productive with my time.  I’m definitely going to use Zoom meetings for client development post pandemic.” —Stefanie Deters, Trust and Estate Law

3. “I set up at least one phone call a day to just “check in” with clients—knowing that the personal touch will be appreciated when things get better.” —Marianne Curtis, Commercial Litigator

4. “We are pivoting towards a greater online presence, towards e-marketing, and e-networking. This pivot is entirely due to you pushing us. As lawyers, I feel we are conservative by training and resistant to change. I’m not sure we could do it without you gently insisting we should.” —Clarissa Rodriguez, International Law

5. “Yes.  My firm researched and analyzed legal issues of particular relevance because of the pandemic.  We plan to educate our contacts and referral sources so they are armed with some helpful information and hopefully have us first in mind when they confront the issues we’ve analyzed.” —Jeffrey Lapin, Commercial Litigator

My Takeaway
Be open-minded to the possibilities of connecting with clients, referral sources and potential clients in new ways. Make business development part of your weekly activities. And lastly, don’t let negative thoughts sink your boat!

P.S. You might be wondering about the photo I used. Well, I’m a passionate amateur photographer. And have found an outlet for my passion. I hope you like the photo I took at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, in Miami, Florida during their Dale Chihuly Exhibit.