As I wrote about earlier this week I spoke at the Broward County Bar Association and I Google everyone who was in attendance. The biggest issue I always find is that few lawyers have any substance on the first page of google. I will likely find their address and phone number since there are always several directories; maybe I’ll find their website and bio. But… few, very few… have content that shows a prospective client HOW they think. The way to do that is what I talk about a lot… articles, blogs and books!

It just so happens that today I received a call from the managing partner of a law firm in Western Canada, who said…

I read your books, blog, articles and website and I like how you think.

If I could have recorded his comment I would have! It was a perfect illustration of how important substantive content is to business development. This potential client already knows that we think alike. AND it’s proof that a small boutique firm, in a place called Coconut Grove, Florida, can reach a global audience and standout with substantive content.

So… who is your audience and what could they learn from YOU? There are plenty of people OUT of your jurisdiction that may have legal issues IN your jurisdiction. Shouldn’t they call YOU first? How do you make that happen? You need to put plenty of substantive content on the internet… that’s how! Articles, blogs and books.